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Jib Arm for loading and unloading Bundles in Closed Containers. Tipe A and L

At HERSEN, we manufacture crane accessories such as this jib arm for loading and unloading cranes. This is a very useful, practical solution for the transporting, loading and unloading of bundles of packaged slabs in closed containers, as it makes moving large, heavy loads simple and easy.

In this model of jib arm, the bundle or package of slabs is held in between the two arms as can be seen in the above image.

Types of HERSEN jib arm for loading/unloading of bundles:

The jib arms for loading and unloading of bundles or packages of slabs in closed containers can be manufactured with different load capacities. The most widely-used are for 3.5 and 4 tonnes. The loading arm has a certain unladen weight (ie., when not loaded) and once loaded, the sum of both (unladen weight + load) gives us the total weight. The crane where the jib arm is going to be installed must be capable of lifting that total load.

The 5 tonne crane is one of the most widely-used in marble workshops. In this instance, in order to lift a bundle of 3.5 tonnes, a jib arm is required that weighs less than 1.5 tonnes so that it can be used with this type of 5 tonne crane. For this reason, two types of structure are manufactured: Standard (model A) and Light (model L). One of the main differences between one model and the other is as follows:

Unladen weight: The standard model weighs more when unloaded than the light one. Thus, with model L, a bundle of 3.5 tonnes can be loaded/unloaded using a 5 tonne crane.

The HERSEN model A and model L can be manufactured in different sizes, although the most popular and widely-used are the two models below:

Model A Jib arm for loading/unloading

Load capacity: 3.5 tonnes

Total length*: 7.5 m

Unladen weight: 3.4 tonnes

Ref. 50181

Model L Jib arm for loading/unloading

Load capacity: 3.5 tonnes

Total length*: 9.6 m

Unladen weight: 1.5 tonnes

Ref. 50182

(*) The total length refers to the upper part of the arm. The lower length, ie., the length of the part that enters into the container, is the same in both models.


The entire manufacturing process for the arms for jib cranes for loading/unloading, from its initial design up to its final installation on-site, is carried out by HERSEN, including training in the use of all types of marble processing machinery, as well as any technical assistance.

If you would like more information or an explanation of the differences between models A and B, you can examine the drawings in the attached PDF or contact us directly using the form.


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