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Jib Arm for loading and unloading Slabs in Closed Containers. Tipe B and BL

At HERSEN we manufacture crane accessories such as this jib arm for loading/unloading slabs in closed containers. This type of loading arm is used on those occasions when loading was carried out using a central gantry and bundles have not been used (or wrapped packages of slabs).

In general, the cargo to be transported usually consists of slabs with a height of less than 1.7 metres, such as quartz or artificial materials. Thus, this jib arm can also load bundles as long as they are not over 1.7 metres in length.

In this model, the load is held underneath the arm that is introduced into the container.

In general bundles are not used, a gantry is placed in the centre and loading takes place directly on the gantry. For example, with a 5 tonne model, in each loading cycle 26 slabs of 2 cm can be loaded. Therefore, the container can be fully loaded in only 4 cycles.  This is very quick and requires less manpower.


Types and characteristics of jib arm for loading and unloading of slabs

One of the big advantages of this model of jib arm is that it can be manipulated as close as possible to the sides of the container, which makes unloading material much easier.

The loading arm has a certain unladen weight (ie., when not loaded) and once loaded, the sum of both (unladen weight + load) gives us the total weight. The crane where the jib arm is going to be installed must be capable of lifting that total load.

The 5 tonne crane is one of the most widely-used in marble workshops. In this instance, in order to lift a bundle of 3.5 tonnes, a jib arm is required that weighs less than 1.5 tonnes so that it can be used with this type of 5 tonne crane. For this reason, two types of structure are manufactured: Standard (model B) and Light (model BL).

One of the main differences between the two models is that the Standard structure has a lower unladen weight than the Light model.

Thus, with the BL model, slabs weighing up to 3.5 tonnes can be loaded/unloaded with a 5 tonne crane. However, with model B, only weights of up to 1.6 tonnes can be loaded when a crane of this capacity is used. In order to lift a 3.5 tonne capacity using model B, a 7 tonne crane must be installed.

This type of loading arm, which is used as a crane accessory, can be manufactured to different capacities and sizes, both in HERSEN model B as well as in model BL, although the most popular and widely-used are the following two models:

Model B Jib Arm for loading and unloading:

Load capacity: 3.5 tonnes

Total length*: 7.5 m

Unladen weight: 3.4 tonnes

Ref. 50182

Model BL Jib Arm for loading and unloading:

Load capacity: 3.5 tonnes

Total length: 9.6 m

Unladen weight: 1.5 tonnes

Ref. 50184

(*) The total length refers to the upper part of the arm. The lower length, ie., the part that enters into the container, is the same in both models.

If you would like more information about the features of these jib arms for loading or unloading slabs, you can contact us directly using the form, by calling us at 96 160 98 05, or by e-mail at our contact address:

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