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Welcome to Hersen

Founded in 1985, HERSEN is a mechanical engineering company that designs, manufactures and sells marble machinery and equipment for the production and processing of marble, granite and solid surfaces.

The combination of machinery of our own manufacturing, as well as leading brands, means that we can offer a complete range of technical solutions for any new material or situation that may arise in the stone processing sector.

The main business activities of HERSEN are:

  • Manufacturing, sale and technical support of new marble processing machinery: bridge saws, CNC machines, edge polishers, belt polishers, marble machine, etc.
  • Purchase, sale and repair of used marble processing machinery: disassembling, repair, on-site installation and location on request.
  • Construction of auxiliary equipment for the handling, transport and storage of marble, granite and solid surfaces: containers, trolleys, trestles, cranes.

Marble Machinery and technology for marble, Granite and Solid Surfaces.

Marble Processing Machines

Marble Machinery to cut, polish, mechanise and manufacture all types of work in marble, granite and solid surfaces. Bridge saws, CNC machinery, Waterjet, wire cutters.

Second-hand Marble Processing Machines

Buying and selling of used machines for marble, granite and solid surfaces. Cranes, bridge saws, polishers, CNC machinery, block cutters.

Cranes and Lifting

Cranes and equipment for lifting and handling marble, granite and solid surfaces. Jib cranes, column mounted cranes, suction pads, clamps, cables, chains, loading arms.

Auxiliary Equipment

Equipment to facilitate the storage and transportation of marble, granite and solid surfaces. Trestles, trolleys, wagons, containers, loading arms, lifting beams or industrial trailers.


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Hersen manufactures two industrial heavy goods trailers for the transportation of stone slabs

At Hersen we have created two new types of large-tonnage industrial trailers which represent an advance in internal logistics and the transport of heavy loads within plants and ship yards. These trucks are able to […]

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HERSEN NSR1000 bridge cutting machine

The Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) has acquired a HERSEN NSR1000 bridge cutter for the Department of Sculpture. It was built following the University’s guidelines to incorporate a  marble and granite cutting machine with a […]

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Total reconstruction of a two axis multi-disc to cut Neolith

Total reconstruction of a two axis multi-disc used to cut Neolith.  With this machine we  have adapted the power, speed, torque, force, etc. to the particular characteristics of this sintered porcelain. With this multi-disc our […]