Among the accessories for cranes that we have at your disposal at Hersen, you can find different types of lifting clamps, industrial suction cups and slings.The lifting and transfer of pieces of marble, stone, granite or other materials, either through clamps lifting and industrial suction cups, must be carried out with great care and with the best safety guarantees for both the parts and the operators who handle them.Depending on the needs of each company, we will use some types or other types of accessories to cranes such as suction cups, slings and / or clamps. We invite you to take a look at each of the modalities to be able to define what your needs are and to be able to select the best option. Our goal is to create an accessory for every need, hence all the number of lifting clamps (up to 6 different depending on the size and load they can support) and industrial suction cups (up to 4 different ones) that you have at your disposal. About the lifting clamps or industrial suction cups that we have, you can also contact Hersen through the general contact form, telephone or, within each of the products, fill in the corresponding contact form. We will be happy to help you achieve your goals.All lifting clamps, industrial suction cups, slings and arms, from design to final installation, are made entirely by Hersen.