Project Description

Hersen Ec0-10 sludge bagging machines

The sludge bagging machines and its filtering system are used to filter and reduce the concentration of sludge in the pool that receives and stores the water needed by the machines to work.

The equipment has an electrical panel to stop and start according to the levels detected by the sensors that are installed in the pool and in the upper part of the system. This way the pump is started or stopped automatically, without having to control the levels.

The suction pump is installed in the pool that receives the flow from the machines. From this position the dirty water can be pumped to the system and gravity causes it to fall into the sacks where most of the sludge is retained. The cleanest water falls into the system’s lower tray and moves to the next pool to be collected and stored.

Made in stainless steel with independent stop valves for each bag and self-suction pump in cast housing.


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