Project Description

Sludge bagging machines Hersen Eco-10

The sludge filtering equipment serves to filter and reduce the concentration of sludge in the basins that receive and store the water that the machines need to work.
The equipment carries the electrical panel to carry out the stops and starts based on the levels detected by the sensors that are installed in the basin and in the upper part of the equipment. In this way the pump starts or stops automatically, without the need to control the levels.

The suction pump is installed in the basin that receives the flow from the machines. From this position, the dirty water is pumped to the equipment which, by gravity, falls into the bags and a large part of the mud is retained. The cleanest water falls to the lower tray of the equipment and passes to the next basin destined to collect and store the clean water.

Built in stainless steel with independent stopcocks for each bag and self-suction pump in cast iron casing.

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