Project Description

Dust extraction booth for dry marble dust

The dry marble extraction cabinets (without water curtain) are a great advance in the capture and elimination of dust in dry manufacturing processes.

It is a more comfortable alternative to maintain in front of the traditional water curtains. The water cabins need more maintenance and the periodic change of the filters, which ends up not being done after a period of time. This causes the filter to clog and not work properly. On the other hand, the water tank can cause problems for not cleaning them properly, such as legionella, etc.

Dry marble vacuuming has greater suction power, significantly reduces maintenance problems for water curtains, and does not have the problems derived from poorly recycled water or unchanged filters.

The dust is sucked in through the front holes of the booth by means of a powerful suction system. The dust is captured in the inner textile sleeves.

A programmable self-cleaning system causes a short reverse cycle to be generated and these textile sleeves vibrate and the dust falls by gravity to the lower drawers. These drawers are easily emptied when full.

They are manufactured in any size, depending on the number of operators who will work within them. For example, those of 2 and 3m would be for one person, 4m for two people, 6m for three people.

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