Project Description

Dust extraction booth for dry marble dust

Dry marble suction booths (without water curtain) are a major advance in collecting and removing dust when working in a dry atmosphere.

It is a more convenient alternative in comparison to traditional water curtains. Water booths need more maintenance and to have their filters periodically changed, which ends up being neglected after a period of time. This causes the filter to clog and malfunction. On the other hand, the water deposit can cause problems if not cleaned properly, such as legionaire’s disease, etc.

Dry marble suction has greater suction power, significantly reduces maintenance problems created by water curtains and does not lead to other problems derived from poorly recycled water or unchanged filters.

The dust is sucked through the front holes of the booth using a powerful suction system. The dust is captured in the inner cloth sleeves.

A programmable self-cleaning system causes a short inverse cycle to occur and these cloth sleeves to vibrate, and the powder falls by gravity to the lower trays. These trays are easily emptied when they are full.

They can be made to any size according to the number of operators that will work within them. For example, those measuring 2 or 3 metres would be for one person, 4m for two people, and 6m for three people.

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