Project Description

Hersen Bridge Saw NSR350

The NRS350 bridge saw is a machine designed to cut any type of stone, both for mass production as well as for cutting exclusive, one-off pieces.

The machine’s entire manufacturing process, from the initial design until its final on-site installation, is carried out by HERSEN, including training in the use of the machine as well as any technical assistance.

The technologically advanced fusion between mechanics and electronics is so simple and efficient that it makes the NSR a high speed, high precision saw in all its movements. In order to ensure accuracy and durability of the machine over the years, the NRS350 Bridge saw is built on a mechanised steel structure, over which are mounted the different mechanical components such as linear cranes, reducers, bearing crowns, etc. For the electronic parts of the machine, HERSEN only installs components and materials made by leading world brands in this sector.

All the software for the NRS250 bridge saw is designed to make the programming for any type of job quick, simple and intuitive. HERSEN manufactures the NSR series for any diameter of disc.

The cutting area is 3.5m x 3.5 m and is made with power capacity from 10HP up to 35HP.

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