Project Description

Bridge Saw Monoblock Ideal600

Ref. 8902 Technical characteristics:

One-piece self-supporting steel structure.

The structure does not need a foundation and is completely fixed to the ground.

Structure accompanied by tilting bench with wood and rubber surface.

Technical characteristics:
-Maximum cutting length (X axis): 3300mm

-Maximum cutting width (Y axis): 2000mm

-Max cutting thickness (Z axis): 150mm

-Max thickness cut to miter cut: 60mm

-Diameter of disc: minimum 400mm – maximum 600mm

-Max. Miter cut disc diameter: 400mm

-Diameter of disc shaft: 50mm

-Degrees of horizontal rotation of the head: Fixed positions of 0º / 90 °. This head does not interpolate.

-Table dimensions: 3200 × 2000 mm

-Tilt Table Tilt: 85 ° (Approx.)

-Manual table rotation 360 ° with locking of all positions

-Disk motor power: 15Kw

-Motor power (X axis): 2.2 Kw

-Motor power (Y axis): 1.5 Kw

-Power of the up / down motor (Z axis): 0.75 Kw

-Oil pump power 3Kw

-Total power: 23Kw

-Speed ​​of rotation of the disk motor 1440 rpm

-Required air pressure: 6 bar

-Weight of the machine 6500Kg

-Machine dimensions: 5800x3400x2300mm

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