Project Description

Two-base Industrial Suction Pads

Equipment with two-base industrial suction pads on a chassis or metal structure with loading capacities from 250 kg to 800 kg, suitable for longer pieces in order to prevent the product from bending and cracking.

Its great advantage is that it facilitates handling, loading and unloading long pieces such as kitchen worktops.

The two suction pads move independently of each other. Thus, the suction pads can be fixed onto the section of the piece you want, thus avoiding the parts where they cannot be attached, such as holes, gaps, recesses, etc.

Also, the chassis is made with a swing angle, with the aim of enabling you secure the suction pad on counter tops with “L” shaped parts, so that the suction pad fits the shape of these pieces and lifting the marble is made more secure and balanced.

The movement of counter tops from a horizontal to a vertical position is made easy, manually or with a valve.

The two-base suction pads improve the ergonomics of the marble worker, reducing muscle fatigue and strain from the effort involved in handling marble.

They can be installed on bridge-cranes, jib cranes, crane trucks and forklifts.

The two-base suction pads can be operated using compressed air (venturi) or vacuum pump.

Maximum loading capacity: 500kg.


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