Project Description

Three-base Industrial Suction Pads

Equipped with three suction pads on a chassis or metal structure with a loading capacity of 250 kg up to 1000 kg.

These three-base suction pads lift, move, load and unload large or longer pieces of marble, like counter tops, large slabs or fragile and delicate materials. These are pieces which, in addition to the consideration of the weight to be lifted, need to be lifted from three different points in order to prevent the less stable parts of the piece from splitting, as can happen in cases where they are gripped at only one point. For example, on a kitchen worktop, where there is a gap, the sides are more fragile and thus it is difficult to lift the piece without splitting it. The three-base sucker pad makes it possible to lift the base by gripping various points without it splitting.

Thus, these industrial suction pads lift and handle the marble conveniently, safely and easily.

All the suction pads are independent from each other and so it is possible to move, omit or activate each suction pad according to the requirements of each job (for example, a gap).

The movement of counter tops from a horizontal to a vertical position is made easy, either manually or using a valve.

The three-base suction pads improve the ergonomics of the marble worker, reducing muscle fatigue and strain from the effort involved in handling marble.

They can be installed on bridge-cranes, jib cranes, crane trucks and forklifts.

They can be operated using compressed air (venturi) or vacuum pump.


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