Project Description

Suction pad for materials of sizeable dimensions.

Apparatus made up of 6, 8 or 10 150 mm round suction pads, mounted on a metal chassis or structure, with a loading capacity ranging from 250 kgs up to 2000 kgs.

These industrial suction pads are designed in order to move larger-sized slabs, from porcelanic material such as neolith, to delicate marbles or fragile limestone which, due to their large dimensions and characteristics, need to be firmly affixed in order to be moved safely, to prevent them from fracturing.

All of the suction pads work independently of each other, thus enabling them to be moved around, omitted or activated according to the demands of each individual job.

The movement of counter tops from a horizontal position to a vertical one is carried out simply and easily, either manually or using a valve. They can be fitted to gantries, jib cranes, crane trucks and forklifts. They can be operated using compressed air (venturi) or by means of a vacuum pump.

These industrial suction pads benefit the ergonomics of the marble worker, reducing muscle fatigue and the physical strain involved in handling marble.


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