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The HERSEN jib crane is ideal for any job requiring the lifting and transportation of material within a medium-length slewing range. It is a very useful tool in workshops where it is used as the only lifting machine and in areas which service concrete points of the workshop, where the gantry crane cannot reach. It is also a good complementary tool in certain areas of the facilities, when the gantry crane is needed in other areas, thus avoiding wasted time.

This type of device is always made to order so that it can be adapted to the requirements of each individual client. There are different manufacturing models. The client can decide from the following options:

  • Maximum length of the jib
  • Maximum height of the jib
  • Maximum load
  • Maximum slewing range. This can be either 270º or 360º
  • Moving the hoist: manual or motorised
  • Raising the load: manual, using electric hoist or using pneumatic hoist
  • Slew of the jib: manual or pneumatic
  • Maximum height of the column
  • Type of jib: with belt or flush with the top of the column

The column needs to be fixed to a foundation whose dimensions will depend on the maximum load to be lifted and on the length of the jib. The crane comes supplied with an anchor, to be inserted into the foundation for the crane, to which it is subsequently attached.

The model seen in the photos corresponds to a unit recently manufactured at the HERSEN plant. This particular column-mounted jib crane measures 5 metres in height. The column alone has a height of 4.5 metres. The maximum load that can be borne by this device is of 500 kg.

If you are interested in ordering one of these models or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can supply all the technical details you need. You can contact us directly using the form, by calling us at +34 96 160 98 05, or by e-mail at our contact address:

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