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Heavy load trolley for packs of slabs

At HERSEN we manufacture medium-sized heavy-duty trolleys (from 1.5 to 8 tonnes) to carry packs of boards/slabs.

This is a transport trolley with a strong structure to withstand heavy loads.

The HERSEN transport trolley for packages of slabs allows you to transport all kinds of board-shaped heavy loads with ease. It can be towed by another tractor vehicle such as a forklift with the ability to haul that load.

Main characteristics of the HERSEN heavy-duty pack of boards transport trolley:

  • Central frame built in steel tubing and UPN beams. Each rib of the frame’s base has a gap into which wooden slats can be inserted to support the goods so they do not come into contact with the trolley’s steel. This way we avoid marks, breakages and scratches on the goods.
  • Cast-iron wheels with vulcanized strip: high-strength wheels specially made for constant, intensive use and for transporting loads in industrial environments, so they are impermeable to oil, grease and other types of fluids and solvent liquids. The front wheels can be rotated independently. They have a brake to block the trolley when unloaded and parked.
  • Safety bars: specially manufactured for heavy-duty trolleys, they protect the operator from falling slabs during loading and unloading.
  • Hook: specially made for HERSEN slab transport trolleys, fits forklifts. It has an articulated axis to adapt to uneven surfaces. The rudder where the coupling is mounted is straight and independent of the wheel rotation.

The standard size of this industrial trolley are 1.8m x 1.3m.

Carro de carga Hersen

If you need other sizes or any special features on this type of slab transport trolley we can manufacture them with different load capacities, up to 8 tonnes. Simply contact us and we will inform you about our manufacturing possibilitiesosibilidades de fabricación.

HERSEN heavy-duty slab package transport trolley references:

50438-2 2 tonne load capacity.

50438-3 3 tonne load capacity.

50438-5 5 tonne load capacity.

50438-6 6 tonne load capacity.

50438-7 7 tonne load capacity.

50438-8 8 tonne load capacity

The whole transport trolley and load trolley manufacturing process, from its initial design to its final installation, is carried out by HERSEN, as well as training in all details of the use of the machine, and technical assistance.

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