Project Description

Eight points vacuum for sandwich panels with depressor and radiocontrol

Ref. 50790-8  technical characteristics:

  • Load capacity: 300kg
  • Tare: 200kg
  • Extensible structure with two telescopic arms:
  • Length collected: 4m
  • Stretched length: 7m
  • Tipping equipment in all directions without loss of oil or acids
  • Balance with ropes to be able to make the turn up to 90º
  • Suction cups with anti-oil rubber and mounted on a suction cup with springs
  • Compressed air supply
  • Pump group with:
  • Rotary pump
  • Double tank
  • Double tap circuit
  • Visualization and vacuum control
  • Anti-drop valve
  • Vacuum filter
  • Condensation filter
  • Action with ball valve
  • Batteries with gel charge and 24 volt power plus spare battery
  • Acoustic-visual alarm in reference to the minimum / maximum pressure
  • Accidental anti-drop device
  • Remote radiocontrol

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