Project Description

Clamp for lifting marble slabs with 11 cm aperture.

Clamp for lifting marble slabs with 11 cm aperture.  Truck clamp, painted or galvanised.

The HERSEN truck clamp for lifting slabs is, within our range of auxiliary equipment, the ideal solution for lifting marble, granite or stone slabs and any other type of related material. This type of machinery for marble allows perfect slab lifting thanks to its compact, powerful system, combined with its delicate handling of these pieces while lifting and moving them.

This model incorporates springs to keep the jaws of the clamp in position, and 4 rubber grips on each jaw in order to guarantee a secure hold on the load.  The rubber grips are easily replaceable when wear and tear requires it.

They are made with two load capacities: 700 kg, ref. 50138 and 900 kg, ref. 50138-9; and they can be opened from 1 cm up to 11 cm.

The entire manufacturing process for the truck clamps for lifting marble slabs is carried out by HERSEN, and all clamps manufactured by HERSEN comply to European standards and are EU certified.

If you would like more information about these and other models of clamps for lifting slabs, you can download the attached PDF

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