At Hersen we have created two new types of large-tonnage industrial trailers which represent an advance in internal logistics and the transport of heavy loads within plants and ship yards. These trucks are able to move slabs as well as blocks of marble and stone. In addition, they allow the movement of loads within small spaces, reducing work time, noise and emissions when compared with the alternative of using trucks. These two pieces of auxiliary equipment are part of our family of industrial trailers.

They have several advantages over the use of trucks:

  • The truck requires a much longer waiting time until it is finally loaded. However, once the trailer is in the loading/unloading area it can be quickly released, leaving the truck free to engage other trailers without waiting. This means that these industrial trailers cut down dead time and require fewer staff.
  • The room for maneuver can be smaller, especially with the Jumbo models which allow movements in narrow passages and other limited spaces. It is therefore possible to take better advantage of industrial installations.
  • The height of these trailers is lower than that of a truck, meaning it is safer and allows faster and easier work.
  • Fuel consumption is lower with this type of vehicle than with trucks.
  • The tow tractor is less noisy than a truck and does not generate smoke when working inside ships.
  • Trucks require personnel with special licenses for their use. However, industrial trailers do not require a heavy goods vehicle license.

These heavy load trailers, manufactured entirely by Hersen, can handle loads of up to 72 tons. One of the great advantages is that we equip our industrial trailers with double wheels, in order to distribute weight and improve safety. Also, thanks to the rubber surface of the wheels, they are able to adapt to the irregularities of the ground and to avoid vibrations of the load.

The configuration of the wheel system in these pieces of auxiliary equipment can be of two types:

  • Basic model: The front wheels rotate following the steering wheel.
  • Jumbo model: Both axles turn, front and rear.

Industrial trailer: Simple Model

The rotation system for this large tonnage trailer allows each of the wheels to adapt independently to the necessary radius of the turning circle and to stabilize the load. The steering has an efficient regulation system to maintain wheel alignment, thereby preventing unnecessary wear.

The steering wheel column flexes vertically and has an adjustable support to adapt to the different heights of tractor vehicle couplings, as well as to variations in terrain.

This industrial trailer also has safety bars, specially made for heavy-duty vehicles, designed to protect the operator from falling slabs during loading and unloading. These bars have several socket positions which are adjusted according to the number of slabs that have been loaded.

These industrial trailers manufactured by Hersen, have the same dimensions and capacity as the Jumbo model.

Industrial trailer: Jumbo model

In the large tonnage trailer with two axes rotation, all of the wheels (front and rear) can be rotated with the steering wheel to create the turning circle. This makes for easier handling and reduces the space needed to complete the turn.

These industrial trailers are very useful in installations where space for maneuver is limited.

The whole manufacturing process, from design to installation, is carried out by Hersen. We adapt to the needs of each client as regards the dimensions, features or applications of these heavy load trailers.