Project Description

Cross cutting machine with single blade, swivel table and tilting bridge

Simple and precise to cut in miter and / or false square to cut marble, granite, quartz, porcelain and solid surfaces.

The tilting head allows the blade to cut from 0º to +45 to make miter cuts easily, quickly and accurately.

The work bench is rotatable from + 45º to -45º to cut false square.

The machine is built with a monoblock structure, it does not need a foundation. It is also equipped with a basin that collects the residual water.

The workbench is made up of a series of plastic rollers (not motorized) installed on supports parallel to each other, which maintain the horizontal plane and rotate the degrees set by the operator on the display, with respect to the direction of advance of the disc. cut.

The workbench is equipped with a pneumatic clamping system that locks the material against the feed guide when cutting the diamond blade.

The head carrier bridge moves from 0º to + 45º from the vertical position. The rotation movement is mechanical and controlled from the display.

On this bridge composed of chrome bars, protected and with self-lubricating bushings, the cutting head moves.

In the upper part of the bridge is the control panel, with the functions of forward, backward, emergency stop, spindle forward speed, degrees of rotation of the workbench, to allow easy operation of the machine according to the safety rules.

The cutting head is equipped with an electric motor that transmits through V-belts and in a position where it is protected from water. The head is built in a way that prevents dirt from entering when working.

The cutting unit is equipped with a valve for cooling the blade.

The electrical system is installed in an electrical panel on the machine, on one side. The frequency variator is installed in this box to adjust the cutting head advance speed. Also installed are the display of the degrees of rotation of the bench and display of the degrees of inclination of the head.

The header is built to do the following movements:

Head disc cutting movement
Advance of the cutting head carriage by means of a gear motor
Rotating movement of the workbench by button
Bridge tilt movement via button
Locking by means of pneumatic cylinders to the two mobile jaws.

Technical characteristics:

Cutting heads: 1
Worktop height: 875mm 8up to 925mm)
Maximum useful cutting width with the bench at 0º: 850mm
Maximum useful cutting width with the bench at + 45º or -45º: 610mm
Maximum thickness: 75mm (bridge at 0º) 50mm (bridge at +45)
Idler Roller Workbench Length: 2,850mm
Maximum disc diameter: 400mm (hole 50mm)
Bank rotation: all degrees are shown on the display from 0º to +45 or 45º
Rotation of the head carrier bridge: All degrees are shown on the display from 0º to + 45º
Disc motor power: 7.5Kw

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