Project Description

Automatic cross cutting with one disc HSA-1

Automatic cross cutting HSA is a cutter to improve the optimization and use of marble, granite, porcelain and sintered stone.

Cuts different width measurements in a single pass with precision and productivity.

  • Strong and robust structure to support and move heavy parts
  • Motorized rubber belt to move the pieces to be cut, with 2 speeds of forward. A fast one to reach the desired measure and another slow one to position the material to the exact measure.
  • Pneumatic clamps to fix the part during cutting
  • Belt motor head that allows the disc revolutions to be varied according to the material to be cut.
  • Manual height adjustment that allows adjusting the cutting depth of the blade on the belt
  • Inverter that regulates the cutting advance speed of the head. In the final stage of cutting, the feed is automatically reduced to eliminate breaks in the material.
  • It is completed with a rapid return of the head reducing machining times.
  • The machine is equipped with a PLC that controls the different processing phases.
  • By means of a touch screen the operator can regulate and control the work cycles

Cut to size via joystick display

The operator takes the material close to the disc to make the first cut, and performs the recognition of the measurement using the joystick. In this way the measure is entered into the machine. You can enter different lengths.

Sequential automatic cut to size

The operator can enter a measurement on the screen (maximum 6)

set one of the following sequences
cutting sequences of different sizes
cutting sequence of a single repeating quota or multiple repeating dimensions
Cutting sequences can be combined with different material widths, creating a useful database for the operator.

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