Auxiliary equipment

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Jib Arm for loading and unloading Slabs on B and BL Containers2019-03-11T21:13:01+02:00
Arm for Jib Cranes for loading/unloading Bundles in Closed Containers2019-03-11T21:13:00+02:00
Hersen Pillar Cranes2019-03-11T21:13:18+02:00
Double clamp to lift porcelain slabs or Neolith2019-03-11T21:14:00+02:00
Clamp for lifting marble slabs with 11 cm aperture2019-03-11T21:13:58+02:00
Pair of horizontal and vertical galvanised bars2019-03-11T21:13:05+02:00
Galvanised tilting container2019-03-11T21:13:07+02:00
Clamp for lifting marble slabs, 9.5 cm aperture2019-03-11T21:13:58+02:00
Galvanised drop bottom container2019-03-11T21:13:07+02:00
Vacuum lifter for handling metal sheets2019-03-11T21:13:19+02:00